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Neopanoramic is the hub for everything you need to make a panorama photo or thousands of them! Whether you do not know where to start or have already started, this is the right place for all panoramic photography needs.

With modern stitching software and even panorama-creation features built directly into digital cameras, it is now extremely easy to create impressive panoramas.

To understand the basics of panoramic photography, start with our How To Make A Panorama tutorial.

An essential thing needed to create panoramic photos is panorama software. There are quite a few of them, including several free ones, and they are continuously reviewed right here on Neopanoramic:

A selection of photography gear exists than can improve and more panorama photography more efficient. We have dedicated pages for each type of gear useful for making panorama photos:

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About Panorama Photos

Panorama photos shown here on Neopanoramic were created with a variety of digital cameras, gear and software. The resolution of these panoramic images ranges from about 3 MP for ones produced in-camera to 800 MP, depending on the particular photo.


Every panorama here was shot with the intention to be made into one, as it should be yet several were too difficult to stitch at the time. Luckily, panorama software technology has been evolving and rescued sets of images. Even some that originally worked out improved, showing sharper output and more natural projections with modern stitching software.

It takes time and discipline to capture ideal shots for creating panoramas. Many panoramic photos here were attempted several times, sometimes to correct for errors, to try different gear or to avoid uncontrollable circumstances.


Panoramic photography works best as an emersive experience, with the size of the image requiring time for exploration by its viewers. The unusual aspect ratio of such images and common sizes of computer displays are not ideal for this, so making a huge print greatly enhances the experience.

The highest resolution panoramas here were printed up to 8' wide which is beyond what most photographic-quality printers support. Even when printable, numerous logistic problems appear when trying to display, support and transport such enormous art. The search for the best prints of panoramic images is still ongoing.

Licensing and Copyright

All panoramic photos appearing on this site are the work of Itai Danan. Every work is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

Photographs and images from Neopanoramic may not be used in whole or in part without an explicit written permission. Payment of a licensing fee is required for commercial use. Inquire for details and availability.

About The Author

Itai Danan is a leading expert on digital photography. He has been using a digital camera since 2002 to share experiences and emotions of discovering new places through breath-taking travel photography. Neoluminance, his online gallery, showcases some of his fine-art photography from Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Montreal and more.

In 2006, he launched the most complete and up-to-date camera buying guide, Neocamera, one that regularly sees millions of visitors and was named Unmissable Photography Site by Pixiq.

Panoramic Photography

There are people who see broadly, who feel the grandeur of places, the overwhelming sense of being surrounded, and there are those who see details. For the former, the photographic tool of choice is the wide-angle lens, yet it has limitations in terms of field-of-view and aspect-ratio.

Panoramic photography is an extension of the wide-angle lenses without boundaries. Not only can it capture a huge angle-of-view, it can also immerse viewers with large ultra-high resolution prints, bringing them closer to the experience of being there.

Photographic Gear

As a reviewer of digital cameras and photography teacher, Itai Danan is comfortable with nearly every make and model, yet he prefers maximum efficiency and flexibility from his photographic equipment. At the same time, the mobility needed by travel photography restricts size and weight. With those factors in mind, his current gear of choice for travel photography - which is when most of his panoramas are taken - is described in this Neocamera Blog post.