Panoramic Tripods

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Selection of Tripods for Panorama Photography

A stable tripod is a necessary foundation for precise panoramic photography. It must comfortably support the weight of your camera, lens and panoramic head to avoid shifts between shots, yet it has to be light enough not to be a burden. Here is our selection of modern tripods highly suitable for panoramic photography.

For more tripod options visit Manfrotto. For the rest, see our selection of panoramic heads and leveling accessories.

Panoramic Photography Gear

All you really need is a capable digital camera and stitching software. There is plenty of photography gear that can greatly help make a panorama, with a tripod being most beneficial.

Check items below for recommended gear to make capturing panoramic photos much more enjoyable:

Panorama Software Reviews

High quality panoramas are assembled by specialized image stitching software like the ones reviewed here. Stitching a panorama photo is very complex so the panorama software can make a huge difference.