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Leveling Bases and Accessories

The key to a level rotation is to have the tripod perfectly level. Otherwise, the camera will tilt as it pans. It turns out that leveling a tripod is rather difficult since tripods are not designed for precise adjustments. A leveling base placed between tripod legs and the head makes it much easier.

To ensure a perfectly horizontal rotation, it is necessary to have a level on the camera as well as at the base of the tripod head. Certain modern digital cameras have digital-levels built-in. If yours does not, then a level can be easily attached to the hot-shoe. One that measures the tilt separately for each axis is ideal.

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Panoramic Photography Gear

All you really need is a capable digital camera and stitching software. There is plenty of photography gear that can greatly help make a panorama, with a tripod being most beneficial.

Check items below for recommended gear to make capturing panoramic photos much more enjoyable:

Panorama Software Reviews

High quality panoramas are assembled by specialized image stitching software like the ones reviewed here. Stitching a panorama photo is very complex so the panorama software can make a huge difference.