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Selection of Ball Heads & Panoramic Heads

A panoramic head allows perfect rotation around the entrance-pupil of the lens. This keeps objects in the same position relative to each other, making stitching much easier. These heads are either made for a particular combination of camera and lens or have rails to be adjusted by the user. User-adjustments must be made to precise settings which depend on the lens.

Since panoramic heads are heavy, bulky and generally expensive, the second best choice is to use a ball-head with independent pan movement. Having a level above the rotation point ensures the camera can stay level while rotating. All ball-heads selected here have a level on the quick-release mechanism, allowing the head to be leveled before attaching the camera.

For more choices of panoramic heads visit Manfrotto. For the rest, see our selection of tripods and leveling accessories.

Panoramic Photography Gear

All you really need is a capable digital camera and stitching software. There is plenty of photography gear that can greatly help make a panorama, with a tripod being most beneficial.

Check items below for recommended gear to make capturing panoramic photos much more enjoyable:

Panorama Software Reviews

High quality panoramas are assembled by specialized image stitching software like the ones reviewed here. Stitching a panorama photo is very complex so the panorama software can make a huge difference.